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Loyalty at La Petite Ferme

Loyalty at La Petite Ferme

The La Petite Ferme that we visit and enjoy is a true testament of the staff’s strength, perseverance, dedication and loyalty. Over the 32 years of its existence, various challenges have been endured but, from the evidence of today, were triumphantly overcome.

It has been the staff’s endurance and ability to look ahead at what La Petite Ferme was to become that kept the dream alive. Every stumbling block, challenge, victory and success – no matter how big or small – has made La Petite Ferme what it is today.

Take a look at a few of our old vs new images we have put together. A picture truly speaks a thousand words.

loyalty 1

If you’ve visited us before, you’re sure to have met Estie, but you might not realise just how important she is to us.

Estie began working at La Petite Ferme as a waitress in 1991, and she was part of the team who rebuilt the restaurant after the fire in 1996. She then worked as our executive housekeeper, and today – some 25 years later – she spends her time doing what she loves best: interacting with guests in the restaurant as head waitress.

loyalty 2

A little trip down memory lane – the uniforms may have changed, but the smiles, warmth and passion for service have stood the test of time!

loyalty 3

The restaurant at La Petite Ferme was first opened in 1984. Tragedy struck in 1996 when the building was destroyed by a fire, but it was rebuilt shortly thereafter – brick by brick – by the La Petite Ferme team.

Today, our renowned restaurant has been revamped to sport a more modern, fresh appeal, but retaining the same heart, warmth and heritage that first set it on the culinary map all those years ago.

It is a magnificent thing to see how far a dream has come and we can only thank all those involved in making La Petite Ferme what it is today. We are so excited to see what is to come in the future.