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Eat at These 8 Restaurants While in Franschhoek

Eat at These 8 Must-Visit Restaurants in Franschhoek

When visiting Franschhoek in the heart of the Western Cape Winelands, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining options. Whether you love French cuisine, Asian fusion, African flavours, or contemporary country-style cuisine, there is plenty to please your palate. 

Franschhoek’s official tourism website describes the area as the “Valley of Dreams,” and we’re sure you will agree when you visit La Petite Ferme. Enjoy a meal at our on-site restaurant or venture off to one of the many other delightful options in the area, which we’ll explore below. 

1. La Petite Ferme Franschhoek Restaurant

Our charming restaurant serves up a fusion of countryside cuisine with a fresh, contemporary twist. Seasonal ingredients are artfully prepared and presented in a warm, inviting atmosphere, with every dish remaining true to our roots. 

2. Sauvage

Focusing on sustainable, local, seasonal ingredients, Sauvage has a reputation for presenting playful, innovative food that pops with colour. Located on the magnificent grounds of the Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa, this stunning setting will provide a feast for all your senses. 

3. Hari Kitchen Restaurant 

Clay pots called “Hari” are a traditional favourite in southern African cooking. Drawing inspiration from these roots, Hari Kitchen Restaurant presents a modern take on Afro fusion. Familiar ingredients are celebrated with a trendy twist in this fascinating dining experience. 

4. Arkeste

If you are into casual fine dining, you will enjoy the a la carte menu Arkeste offers. It is located in a characterful heritage building overlooking a stunning forest. Chamonix wines, a curated Cape choice, beautifully complement the delicious food.

5. La Petite Colombe

La Petite Colombe is a true Franschhoek icon set in the farm environment of Leeu Estates. It boasts a world-renowned reputation for its exceptional fine dining experience. The extravagant tasting menu features innovative dishes presented with outstanding service. You will not be disappointed. 

6. Protégé Restuarant

For flavour-packed, casual, and comfortable fine dining, Protégé at Le Quartier Français ticks all the boxes. Working hand-in-hand with local suppliers, it offers a fresh, seasonal menu with a unique and creative flair.

7. Orangerie At Le Lude

Your visit would be incomplete without a venture to the Orangerie Restaurant in Le Lude, where you can indulge in their award-winning MCC. A lunch or dinner visit will grant you access to their unique a la carte menu—all served with excellent wine and superior service. 

8. Ōku Asian Eatery

Ōku is a Southeast Asian-inspired restaurant showcasing diverse and vibrant flavours with a 15-course Kaiseki experience. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared, and the company is committed to sustainability by sourcing ingredients locally. As is tradition, all ingredients are handled with the utmost care and respect to enhance your culinary experience. 

We look forward to welcoming you to La Petite Ferme, where we offer award-winning cuisine, wines, and accommodation, promising you an unforgettable trip. Book online now